Admission Process

The different stages of our admission process are geared towards determining the areas of your academic as well as personal profile that make you stand out. More than this, these stages will ensure that you will fit in our educational model.

Our Process

What to expect from the first call?

Free consultation and best suitable university admission options

The first call includes evaluating and inquiring about your academic performances. This means that you have to be honest with your grades and test scores. Remember that we are here to help you. Once we get a full picture of your academic performances, our admission counselor will guide you with the required documents, required grades, and test scores. Accordingly, our counselors will let you know if any needs to be improved. Once you give the Admission counselor all of your information, we’ll be able to recommend the best fit for you! The consultation phase does not require any official documents. The admission counselor will remind you once the documents are needed. Eduzillion has the perfect options for students who are sponsored or those who are going to pay from their own pockets. Unfortunately we don’t help students who are looking for tuition waivers aids.

Step 02

Documents processing

Document processing is the next step of your admission journey. In this phase, you will be asked to send all paperwork required for the admission. This includes your resume, copy of passport, grades reports, certificates, language proficiency proof, and extra required test scores to name a few. We’ll guide you with the needed papers required by the university. Our service alternately includes arranging and double checking them to ensure that you submit a complete and impressive portfolio. Should the university require you to have a certain score, we will be more than happy to guide you with the time limit you have and walk you through the other needed steps. Once the application is completed, you will then be asked to mail the original copies of your papers to the university’s mailing address.

Step 03

Follow-up and Admission decision

Way to Go! This is the final step of your admission journey. In this phase, all your documents have been mailed and received by the university. All you need to do is be attentive to your email. On our part, we will continuously update you with your application status as well additional requirements requested by the university. In this stage, the university will review your documents and the decision is going to be released. This stage can take up to a month (more or less depending on the university). Once the decision of admission is made, we will notify you via email.