Our Services


Our mission is mainly helping students acquire the education degrees they dream of. So that’s why our main service is university admissions. We offer Masters and Bachelors diverse programs in numerous collaborative universities in many countries around the world.

Resume/CV Consultation

Resumes or CVs is one of the most important requirements in university admission. Hence, it is crucial for an applying student to have an impressive and flawless resume that they can present to the admissions department. Eduzillion can help you craft an exceptional resume. This includes highlighting your strengths, skills, and experiences.

Academic Counseling

Stuck? Don’t know what to do next?
Don’t worry! We are here to help you find every solution to your inquiry and obstacle. This includes how to evaluate, translate, or acquire scores needed. We also guide our student regarding the required paper work for university admission for different degrees as well as how to write the best resume and statement that can help them with application.

Accommodation Support

Apart from seeking admission, many students find it difficult to find an accommodation that is not only convenient in terms of location but is also safe and budget-friendly.
Eduzillion has a wide-range list of accommodation in different parts of the world. Depending on their budget, university, and preference, Eduzillion offers support to students.


When submitting documents in university admission, it is vital for students to proofread their work. This is because a well edited work suggests responsibility as well as great attention to detail – qualities that universities are looking for in a student.
Eduzillion provides proofreading services to our students. We check even the tiniest and minute detail of your document to ensure that you submit a flawless work.

Interview preparation

Interviews with the admission department can be nerve-wrecking, but is a necessary part of the admission process. Eduzillion can help you prepare for interviews. This includes teaching them possible questions that will be asked as well as excellent answers. This preparation can help you ace your interview..

Credentials Evaluation

Prior to submitting your credentials to the admission department, it is important for students to evaluate their credentials to ensure that they pass the university’s requirement. Eduzillion can evaluate your educational credentials. From there, we can help you identify which ones you need to amp up your application..


Research is an alternately vital part of getting in college/ university. Eduzillion can offer assistance when it comes to research. This includes researching for universities or colleges that offer programs you want. We can similarly help you research the available programs that will fit your credentials. Another form of research that we offer includes helping you write sample research required by some universities as part of their admission requirement.

Continuous support before and after enrollment

While some educational institutions offer support before enrollment, Eduzillion offers support even after the student has been admitted. This includes tying all the loose ends such as scheduling, looking for accommodations, and even searching for extra-curricular programs. This support will help students navigate other things they need to ensure a successful education.